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Trade Show Flooring

Setup Time: 5-10 Minutes | Turn Time: 7 Business Day

Most exhibit venues give you two options when it comes to flooring: bring your own or rent used carpeting. We've found that often times it costs just as much to rent carpet as it does to purchase your own brand new trade show flooring. So why rent used carpeting when you can buy brand new portable flooring tiles for the same price? We also offer more premium trade show flooring options such as Vinyl Tiles or Custom Printed Tiles for exhibitors who are really trying to take their booth to the next level.

Another benefit of purchasing flooring is that it's far more comfortable than the thin roll of carpet that most shows offer. Anyone who's exhibited in the past knows how invaluable comfortable flooring is once you've gone through standing on a concrete slab all day.

Floor tiles come in dozens of colors and finishes. We offer carpet tiles, foam tiles and vinyl wood tiles. Vinyl wood tiles offer the same cushioning you would receive from a foam tile, but they have the appearance of a modern hardwood floor. They're available in a variety of finishes and have quickly become our best selling floor tile.

We also offer printed trade show flooring for a completely custom look to your booth.

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