Graphic Design Terminology

File Extension Descriptions:


Adobe Illustrator (vector file, that may also contain raster images)


Encapsulated PostScript (often a vector file but may also contain raster images)

.jpg or .jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group (raster file)


Adobe InDesign file (page layout file that can contain vector or raster images)


Portable Document Format File (page layout file that can contain vector or raster images)


Adobe Photoshop file (raster file, with the ability to contain smart objects and text)


StuffIt compression file


Compressed file

Graphic Design Terms


The graphic area extending past the final trim size.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. The 4 color process used in digital printing.


Using various methods to reduce the file size. Often used to group several files together for ease and protection in uploading and downloading.


Dots per Inch. Also referred to as PPI (pixels per inch). This is the resolution of a raster image.

Package or Pre-Flight

A process in Adobe InDesign which groups all used files (fonts,links, and InDesign file) into a single folder for output.

Rasterized (raster)

These files have a set number of pixels and can not be increased without a reduction in image quality


Red, Green & Blue. The 3 color process used by monitors to display color.


These files are created by various programs such as Adobe Illustrator, or InDesign. They use a mathematical formula to create shapes that may be scaled to any size without any change in image quality. They do not have a set number of pixels unless you convert them to a raster file.