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Backlit Trade Show Displays, Counters & Towers

Ready to make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The glow of a backlit trade show display will help to brighten up your booth and draw in potential leads. Regardless of how well or poorly the exhibit hall is lit your display will stand out with vibrant graphics that always look amazing. We offer several different styles of backlit display, but we've definitely noticed the trend towards light boxes. These sleek, modern displays maximize your graphic space with minimal aluminum frames that subtly line the perimeter of your backdrop. These displays are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to suit various preferences.

Backlit Trade Show Display Comparison

Backlit trade show displays are surging in popularity as LED technology has vastly improved in recent years while also becoming more affordable. These displays will really make your booth stand out from the crowd. We offer several styles of backlit displays to choose from. Our light boxes feature a modern design with low-profile hardware that focuses all the attention on your glowing graphics. These displays come standard in several sizes but we also offer custom sizes upon request.

We also offer traditional Pop-Ups with backlit bubble panels, backlit Hopups and backlit VBurst Displays that utilize a pop-up style frame with a graphic that attaches with Velcro. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call at 800.605.6179 and let us help.

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