Comparing Printed Pop-Up Event Tents

10 x 10 Printed Pop Up Canopy Tent Kit

Stand Out from the Crowd with Our Premium Pop-Up Tent Canopy!

We offer the highest quality Pop-Up Canopy Tents on the market using only premium materials. Our heavy-duty aluminum frames utilize hexagonal shaped legs for increased durability and support. They feature an adjustable height with five different settings and include a premium carry bag with wheels for easy transport.

What's Better About Dye-Sub Printed Canopies?

Currently there are two popular ways to produce fully printed tent canopies: dye-sublimation and UV direct printing. The dye-sublimation process, which is what we use for our tent canopies, fuses the inks into the fabric. With a UV print the ink sits on top of the surface. We've found that UV prints work great on rigid materials but with fabric or canopies they're more prone to cracking and are not as durable as dye-sublimation. The reason many cheaper canopies use the UV process is that it's faster and easier to produce allowing for lower prices. If you want a printed tent that will last we strongly recommend you go with a dye-sublimated canopy.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Printed Pop-Up Event Tent

  1. Aluminum Frame

    Our lightweight, durable frames will never rust.

  2. Dye-sublimated Canopy

    Our premium dye-sublimated canopies are designed to hold up to the elements and last for years to come.

  3. Premium Carry Bag

    We include a premium wheeled carry bag at no additional cost.

  4. Ropes and Stakes are Included

    Ropes and stakes are included to secure your tent to the ground for especially windy days. The little things make all the difference.

  5. Lifetime Warranty

    We so confident in our frame we offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects so you know you're purchasing a product that will last!

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