Ten Tips to Increase Leads at your next Trade Show

  1. Research the show carefully before you decide to exhibit. You can save yourself a lot of heartache by knowing exactly what size and type of trade show you are attending.
  2. Start planning well in advance of the trade show. Poor planning can result in unexpected costs and a poor showing.
  3. Make a list of measureable goals. If you do not know what you're aiming for, you will never do well at a trade show.
  4. Make sure your display offers attendees of the trade show with a unique way to view your products and services. You need to stand out in order to be memorable.
  5. Listen to your attendees, don't just bombard them with your sales pitch.
  6. Be sure your booth is adequately staffed. Trade shows are long events (often lasting three or four days in a row at eight to twelve hours a day). Unless you have super-human endurance, chances are you'll need some help to stay fresh and alert.
  7. Find out who you're talking to. You need to quickly assess whether you're talking to a decision maker or a grunt worker, and you need to respond accordingly.
  8. Make good use of trade show giveaways.
  9. Take notes on potential leads. You need more than just a name and a phone number when it is time to follow up.
  10. Design your trade show display to have maximal impact. Using a simple, clean, yet striking design, your booth can attract hundreds more attendees than a busy or otherwise ugly display.