What is VESA and what does it have to do with my monitor?

Sample VESA Hole Patterns

VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association. This organization creates the technical standards for computer displays and monitors. VESA Mount standards ensure that monitors and mounts can be brand-interchangeable as long as the mount sizing is the same.

If your monitor is VESA mount compatible it will have four screw holes on the back. To determine your mount size, simply measure the distance between the holes. VESA Mount sizing is measured in millimeters; some of the most common sizes are listed below.

75 mm x 75 mm
100 mm x 100 mm
200 mm x 200 mm
400 mm x 400 mm

Small to medium monitors (12"-32" diagonal) usually have a 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern.

While large monitors (larger than 32") usually have a 200 x 200 hole pattern. Large monitors' hole spacing is usually in 200 mm increments; 200 x 200, 400 x 400 etc.

The best way to be certain of your monitor's VESA size is to measure or get specifications from the manufacturer.

Now that you understand what VESA means, check out our trade show kiosks to see which one will work with you monitor size.