Trade Show Terminology

If you are looking for a trade show display or trade show booth for an upcoming convention, it is important to understand all the terms that industry experts use. It can be difficult to navigate your way through the maze of the trade show industry, but you can learn a lot by understanding the terms that are commonly used.

  • Aisle - A place for visitors to walk through the trade show
  • Booth - The area to which your exhibit or display is confined
  • Drayage - A term for service that moves exhibits from place to place
  • Floor Port - A location where electricity can be accessed
  • Hand Truck- A small dolly used for moving heavy material
  • Island Exhibit - A booth completely confined by aisles
  • Peninsula Booth - A booth surrounded on three sides by aisles
  • Rigger - A worker skilled in handling exhibit materials, especially hanging banners and signs
  • Show Manager - The individual or company who has been placed in charge of the trade show as a whole
  • Panel Display - A display with flat panels that connect to one another to form a large structure
  • Prefabricated Display - A display that is made to be instantly deployed on the show floor
  • Tabletop Display - A display designed for use on a table surface
  • Modular Exhibit - A display that can be modified to suit the needs of specific exhibitors
  • Portable Display - A display that is designed to fit within a specific shipping case
  • Backwall - A large, flat, unified graphic that provides the backdrop for the entire booth

Most large trade shows or conventions offer at least a few options with regards to shipping. Most exhibitors will ship their display to the hotel where their booth staffers are staying, but many exhibitors elect to ship their trade show display directly to the show to be held by the show manager.