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Trade show booths are designed to attract visitors and generate potential clients. The more professional and prominent your display, the better your chances of generating interest in your company's products and/or services. Most of the conversations you will have while exhibiting will take place out in front of your booth. A kiosk or tower can provide an excellent place to engage visitors.

Many kiosks have monitors mounted to them, which would allow your sales staff to use computer systems to better showcase your products and services. In addition to monitor mounts, most kiosks have counter surfaces, which are great for taking notes on the needs of your attendees or for displaying a product catalog.

In addition to the practical use of trade show kiosks and tower structures, they add a striking visual element to your display. Most exhibitors set up a backwall display, but kiosks give your booth a presence near the aisles. The closer your company name and logo can be to the people passing by your booth, the more likely it is that they will stop to visit your trade show display area.

In general, kiosks are a great way to add dimension to your display. Very few exhibitors will have kiosks or towers, so your trade show booth will look extremely unique in the context of other booth displays.

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