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Panoramic H-Line Displays

Panoramic H-Line Displays

Setup Time: 1-3 Hours | Warranty: 5 Years | Turn Time: 8-15 Days

Panoramic H-Line Displays

Panoramic H-Line Displays are a premium modular system that are designed to be user-friendly, adaptable, and simple to set-up. They're made up of large SEG panels that ship completely assembled in large wooden crates. Panels link up side-by-side to create a near seamless visual appearance. A standard 10 x 20 H-Line Display can be setup by a single person in under an hour with no tools required!

Because of their modular design, a single H-Line Display can be used in multiple configurations. So if you plan on attending shows of various booth size, a single kit could start as a 20 x 20 display and then be reconfigured to work as a 10 x 20 or 10 x 10 booth for your next event.

H-Line Displays incorporate several features such as locking doors, closets, floating shelves, arches, light boxes, monitor mounts and more. Custom options are also available upon request.

We now offer Free Renderings with any Panoramic H-Line purchase!

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