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Graphic Design Information
General Client Information
  At Tradeshowdirect, we charge $75.00 per hour for graphic design. You can request a quote on our graphic design services by contacting our sales department.
Sending Graphic Files

Before you send your graphic files...

Your graphics will need to meet our specifications before you can send them to us. Our only goal is to ensure that your finished trade show graphics look their best, so these standards have been put in place to avoid pixelated and distorted images from being printed and produced (in other words, this process is for your own good). Before sending us any files, you must ensure that they meet our requirements. Follow these instructions carefully before submitting files.

Software we Support

We can work from the most popular graphic packages in both MAC and PC formats. Below are a few of the best packages to use (listed in order of preference).

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoShop

Trouble Free Graphic Output

Five Steps to Trouble Free Graphic Output

1. Work at actual size and provide 1/2" bleeds.

2. Create text and graphics in a vector illustration program.

3. Provide PMS color values if you have them.

4. Save all images as CMYK.

5. Supply your native application file.

Glossary of Trade Show Terms

A walkway for visitor movement through a trade show.

Aisle Signs
Suspended signs that identify trade show aisles by letter or number.

Constructing an exhibit from its components.

Visitors at a trade show who are not exhibiting.


A light source illuminating translucent material from the rear.

The rear panels of an exhibit.

A suspended graphic panel as a decoration or a sign, usually made of fabric or laminated paper for portable use.

Banner Stand
Hardware to which a banner is attached for display.

A large format outdoor display meant to withstand weather.

The area to which your exhibit or display is confined.

Booth Area
Floor space given to an exhibitor at a trade show.

Booth Number
The number signifying an exhibitor's area at a trade show.


Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

Case to Counter System
A shipping case that converts to a display counter.

Corner Booth
A trade show exhibit surrounded by at least two aisles.

A short structure that compliments a trade show display typically used for displaying product materials or literature.

Custom Exhibit
A trade show display designed and constructed to the specific needs of an exhibitor.


An exhibit made up of two or more stories.

A term for service that moves exhibits from place to place.

Dye-sub Graphic
A graphic printed on stretch fabric material.


A display stand.

End Cap
A graphic or fabric panel placed on either ends of a display creating a curve to 'cap' its edges.

A display marketing services or products at a trade show or similar marketing event.

The manager or owner of an exhibit.


Foam Core
Rigid paper-covered foam usually used for mounting graphics.

Floor port
A location where electricity can be accessed.


Similar to foam core in structure, but typically more durable and less flexible.

A printed or digital photograph, image, or sign for exhibit display.


Hand Truck
A small dolly used for moving heavy material.

An exhibit wall made from solid material such as Sentra or plastic instead of fabric.

A graphic depicting a logo or sign above a display or exhibit.


Island Exhibit
A display completely surrounded by aisles allowing access from any angle.


A stand independent of its display offering service or product information.


The process of sealing a graphic in protective plastic enhancing its quality for display.

Light Box
The structure containing a back-lit sign or graphic.

Linear Display
An exhibit that is built in s straight line along an aisle at a trade show.

Low Voltage
The term for Voltage up to 24 Volts.


Masking Drape
A cloth designed to mask or hide storage areas.

Modular Exhibit
An interchangeable display meant to be constructed with options for different styles and sizes.




Panel Display
An exhibit constructed of stock panels that fit together in order to create a flat display for mounting detachable graphics.

Peninsula Display
An exhibit surrounded by aisles on three sides.

Prefabricated Display
A display that is made to be instantly deployed on the show floor.

Portable Exhibit
A display that can be easily moved and manipulated, set up and disassembled, designed to fit within a specific shipping case.


A worker skilled in handling exhibit materials, especially hanging banners and signs.


Self-contained Exhibit
An exhibit utilizing its shipping case as part of the display, as a counter for instance.

A rigid, textured plastic material on which graphics can be mounted.

Shipping Case
The reusable container in which display materials are moved.

Show Manager
The individual or company who has been placed in charge or the trade show as a whole.

Decorative fabric commonly used as table covers.

A lamp tempered to illuminate with a well defined beam of light.

Stock Exhibits
A predesigned exhibit customized for particular use by the exhibitor.


Table Top Display
A display on top of a table or counter surface.

A hired individual or company to staff an exhibit.

The disassembly and removal of a display or exhibit.

Telescopic Pipe
Tubing pieces that connect by sliding into one another and locking in place.  Often used for banner stands.

Tension Pole
An aluminum or plastic tube that provides tension for a suspended graphic, often used in banner stands.

A tall tubular display similar to a pillar that provides graphic or product display space.

Trade Fair
An exposition or trade show.

Trade Show
An exposition associated with and open only to a particular group or industry.


The brand name of a locking material composed of two parts: hooks and loops.