Dye-Sublimated Fabrics

4x3 Xpresssions Display 10 ft Exhibit Line Display 8 ft Straight Burst Display

When refurbishing your trade show booth with new graphics, you may run across the term "dye-sublimated fabric." So, what exactly is this dye-sub stuff?

Creating a dye-sublimated graphic is a three-step process. First, the artwork is printed onto a transfer paper using special dyes that permanently adhere to the fibers in particular fabrics. Ever have a tough stain you just can't get out of your favorite shirt? Same type of adhesion. After the graphic is finished printing, the transfer paper is loaded onto the dye-sublimation machine. This machine resembles a large format laminator. It is loaded with a polyester blend pure white fabric that is pulled through by a roller mechanism. When the transfer paper is loaded, it is pulled through by an opposite roller, heated, and pressed directly onto the fabric. As it moves through the machine, the artwork is transferred from the paper to the fabric, resulting in a permanently dyed fabric graphic.

Dye-sub graphics are the most versatile trade show graphics available. Vinyls, laminated, and rigid panels are all limited by size, but fabric can be sewn together to create enormous graphics. Certain fabrics can be stretched to create unique shapes. Take a look at the Xpressions Snap! Displays for example. These displays use a Spandex-like fabric to create a three dimensional look. Our Modern Table Covers are another example of this style. Since dye-sub graphics are fabric, they can be folded up very small and shipped easily. No rolling or bagging, no hardware to worry about. Dirty graphic? No problem, just toss it in the washing machine. Wrinkled? A hand-held steamer generally does the trick. Working with fabrics is just plain easier.

Tradeshowdirect offers dye-sub trade show graphics and banners in a variety of fabrics and applications. Give us a call today to talk about your next project.