Display Lighting

LED High-Intensity Package (2-Pack) SL-3000 LED Trade Show Light LED Display Light Package (2-Pack)

There are a number of different types of lighting that can be used in conjunction with your trade show display. Many of our modular exhibits, pop-up displays, and banner stands have options to add lighting at a minimal cost to the customer. If you have ever attended a trade show, you know that the difference between a well-lit booth and a poorly-lit booth is drastic. An exhibit that is lit properly will stand out in a crowd.

When purchasing your trade show lights, you need to be sure that you check with the convention or conference center where you will be exhibiting to ensure that the type of light you are purchasing is allowed. The Las Vegas Convention and Conference Center does not allow high wattage trade show lights because of the fire hazard that these lights create. In an effort to protect their massive facility from careless exhibitors, many types of lights that get hot quickly have been disallowed.

No matter how much money and time you are willing to devote to creating the perfect trade show display, your exhibit will not reach its full potential without the use of trade show lighting. Full impact displays require well placed lights that are designed to highlight specific areas of the booth. With an action as simple as turning on a light switch, you could make your company logo visible from across the convention floor.

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