Custom Trade Show Displays

There are many trade show displays that offer a custom look, but are produced from stock exhibit material. These displays are designed with many configurable options such as monitor mounts, literature holders, recessed lighting, counter systems, and kiosks. In most cases, these components can be positioned almost anywhere on the display, which allows these ready made solutions to appear as though they have been customized for your company.

Many exhibitors have very specific requirements, and their needs can only be met by designing a custom display specifically for their company. Custom displays are usually much more expensive than stocked displays because they require additional industrial design time, and they usually require the display company to manufacture custom components to fill specific needs. Also, custom displays are usually much more bulky, and therefore it will cost much more to store and ship your trade show booth. However, a custom display that has been properly designed for the specific needs of the customer can make an incredible impact at a trade show. A custom display allows for much tighter integration of the theme of your marketing plan with your trade show exhibit.

Custom displays also require a much longer turnaround time. While a pop-up display can be turned around in a matter of days, it may take weeks to turn around a custom display. In addition to design time, it takes time to manufacture custom components to be used with the display. If you are planning to use a custom display at your next expo or convention, be sure to plan well in advance to ensure that you have enough time to turn around a custom display.

In general, custom displays should only be used by experienced exhibitors. They require additional planning, additional time, and additional staff members to ensure that a custom display is set up and taken down without a hitch.