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Trade Show Counters

Trade show counters are an essential yet often overlooked element to any trade show space. In addition to solving problems such as where to store personal items or extra giveaways during your show and where to display a monitor, having a counter in your booth gives you additional branding space to get your message out there and a countertop to work on.

Different types of counters can serve different needs, which is why we offer several categories of Twist Counters. Kiosks are designed to hold monitors and showcases are built to display products behind Plexiglass, while our standard counters are more multipurpose.

A key thing to keep in mind when shopping for the right trade show counter is how it ships. While some manufactures offer beautiful custom counter solutions, they often ship fully assembled in a massive crate that costs as much just in shipping and drayage as one of our portable counters does to purchase. Our counters have been optimized to ship compactly in 2 ft x 4 ft flat shipping cases that can ship via UPS which will save you a ton on shipping costs. So when pricing your next counter make sure you account for shipping and drayage costs so you don't end up with a shipping nightmare!

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