About Xpressions Displays

1x3 Xpressions Display
Nawkaw Xpressions Display
4x3 Xpressions Display

The Xpressions display is essentially a popup display with dye-sub graphics stretched at all angles across the frame of the exhibit. This style allows graphics to be easily interchanged to give your company a fresh look at your next show.

Many dye-sub graphics are machine-washable, which means that you will never have to worry about your booth looking dirty and unprofessional. Simply unhook the graphic from the frame and throw it into the washing machine according to your manufacturer's instructions, and your graphics will look clean and fresh.

Because the graphics on the Xpressions Display point in all directions, your company's message will be viewable from many angles, which will help you to receive maximum exposure at your next show. Like all popup displays, the Xpressions Display snaps into place quickly and painlessly, reducing your setup time and making your life easier.

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