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Controlling the table cover that your trade show table top display sits on is of the utmost importance. Why let the show managers dictate 20 to 30 percent of your booth's look? And if that 20 to 30 percent is hideous, they dictated your entire look.

Take control and decide to purchase a table cover. Once you decided to make the purchase that will enhance your table top trade show display and, consequently, your entire exhibit you must decide which one.

There are numerous options on the market, but basically they boil down to a Traditional Table Cover like Tradeshowdirect's 6 ft table cover or 8ft table cover or a Modern Table Cover. The Traditional Table Covers appear more like table cloths and add a very tasteful touch. The Modern Table Cover is a more cutting edge look that adds greatly to the dynamic look of your display.

Once you decide which cover to go with you must decide your colors and your logo options. Clearly a color and logo scheme that best matches your corporate identity is ideal, but more often than not we have seen that dark color covers with lighter color logos with fewer color options works that best to compliment your display and not detract from it.

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