About Literature Stands

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Your trade show literature is the only part of your trade show display that visitors will take with them when they leave the convention or expo. Hopefully they will remember your booth and a few key points about the nature of your company, but the literature will be in their hands for weeks after the trade show has ended.

Your basic goal when designing trade show literature is to create something that attendees will not want to simply throw away. The message should be simple, but engaging. How you display that message is also extremely important.

Many literature stands look cheap and poorly made. A good literature holder can attract visitors who are passing by your booth to come and take a piece of literature. The best literature holders have simple, modern designs that showcase the literature (many holders mask or hide the literature because they are over-designed or gaudy).

Literature holders should also be sturdy and reliable. You want your literature holder to be able to withstand being bumped into, because trade shows are often very crowded events. If your literature stand falls over easily, make sure you support it with weights or other supports.

In general, make sure you have a lot of literature available to pass out to potential clients. You do not want to find yourself empty handed halfway through the first day of the convention.

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