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10 x 10 XRline Displays

Setup Time: 45 Minutes | Warranty: 1 Year | Turn Time: 5-7 Days

The XRline Display System is ideal for the exhibitor who wants a custom looking display for a fraction of the cost. The display is produced with stock exhibit material, but with its modular capabilities, each display is uniquely designed to fit specific exhibiting needs. It is made to support accessories such as literature holders, monitor mounts, counters, etc., which can be easily moved, adjusted, or added after the display is set up. The large graphics on the display are produced with dye sub fabric that is placed under tension between the extrusions to create a sleek and solid graphic wall.

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XRline XR.0 Basic XRline XR.0 Basic
Price: $4,725.03
XRline XRw.0 Basic XRline XRw.0 Basic
Price: $5,128.14
XRline XR.1.0 XRline XR.1.0 Basic
Price: $5,209.53
XRline XRw.0 Basic XRline XRw.1.0 Basic
Price: $5,612.64
XRline XR.0.1 Basic XRline XR.0.1 Basic
Price: $5,209.53
XRline XRw.0.1 Basic XRline XRw.0.1 Basic
Price: $5,612.64
XRline XR.1 Basic XRline XR.1 Basic
Price: $5,597.13
XRline XRw.1 Basic XRline XRw.1 Basic
Price: $5,999.00
XRline XR.V.0 Basic XRline XR.V.0 Basic
Price: $5,290.93
XRline XRw.0.V Basic XRline XRw.0.V Basic
Price: $5,694.03

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